Water Quality Assurance

OARS' uses an approved Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) for our water quality and bacteria monitoring on the Assabet, Sudbury and Concord Rivers.

Download the 2022 QAPP.

The appendices for the 2022 QAPP are listed below as separate files.

Quality assurance data are available on request.

QAPP-AppendixA- WQSampling-Manual.pdf924.31 KB
QAPP-AppendixB- BacteriaSampling-Manual.pdf607.5 KB
QAPP-AppendixC- OARS field data sheets.pdf81.08 KB
QAPP-AppendixD-Nashoba Analytical QAQC Manual-Chemistry-Feb2022-rev21.pdf656.23 KB
QAPP-AppendixE-Nashoba Analytical SOPs.pdf843.67 KB
QAPP-AppendixF-AlphaAnalyticalQuality Systems Manual-1558-19.pdf1.72 MB
QAPP-AppendixG-AlphaAnalytical SOPs.pdf692.91 KB
QAPP-AppendixH- Prior DEP bacteria monitoring.pdf523.85 KB