North Brook

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North Brook is a fairly large Assabet tributary, with a drainage area of almost 17 square miles. Its headwaters are located in the southwestern part of Bolton and the stream soon forms a small pond behind a dam near the Pleasant Valley Farm.
North Brook passes under Wataquadock Hill Rd. and into the Fyfeshire Conservation area, which has paths accessible from Wataquadock Hill Rd. It then flows along Lancaster Rd. and into Berlin before entering the Garfield Woods, owned by the Sudbury Valley Trustees. These woods are accessible from a pullout on Lancaster Rd.
In the Garfield Woods, North Brook flows under a freight rail line that runs along next to it almost all the way to the Assabet. It then flows behind Allen Rd. and under Randall Rd. through three large culverts.
North Brook flows under West Main
Street by the remains of a large stone railway bridge abutment.
The brook passes under Linden Street, where it enters an open swampy area...
...and then flows under South St, Jones Rd. and Crosby Rd....
Wheeler Pond
...before entering Wheeler Pond, which forms behind this dam. Wheeler Pond is also fed by Cooledge Brook, which starts in Northborough.
The staff gage is located beneath this bridge on Pleasant St./Whitney St., just downstream
of the Wheeler Pond dam.
The brook flows under Whitney Road and then through these fields and under River Rd.
North Brook joins the Assabet behind the Solomon Pond Mall.