Danforth Brook

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Danforth Brook is a medium-sized (among Assabet tributaries) stream with a watershed of just over 7 square miles. It arises as Mill Brook from among the skunk cabbage in Sunk Meadow by the old graveyard and Hog Swamp just outside Rte 495 in Bolton. The brook scoots under Rte 495, joins the stream coming out of Little Pond by Camp Resolute to become Danforth Brook.
From there the brook drops south through a small glen of newly protected land around Danforth Falls and on through the Town of Hudson's Danforth Lot Conservation Area. It is a very pleasant stoll along the side of Danforth Brook from the Danforth Conservation Area (on Route 85, one mile north of the rotary in Hudson center) up to the falls.
Early one spring we wandered up toward the falls and watched the white suckers swimming upstream to breed. If you squint real hard at the picture above you can almost see the white suckers - really, they were a lot clearer in person! Below Danforth Lot, the stream makes its way through a residential section and into Hudson town center forming Bruces Pond behind the old sawmill before jumping the dam, diving under several buildings by Larkin Lumber and making a run for the open waters of the Assabet River.
Bruces Pond The dam at the lumber yard
Through town center and out to the Assabet
The fish was "This big!"