Cold Harbor Brook

Click here for a map of Cold Harbor Brook and Northborough.
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Cold Harbor Brook is a medium-sized tributary of the Assabet River that flows out of Rocky Pond in Boylston. The brook flows under Central Street and Reservoir Street before entering Northborough, where makes its way along Church St and under Route 290.
The stream then forms a couple of small pools in some attractive property between Crawford Street and Fisher Street and travels along behind Crawford Street, passing under West Street and then Cherry Street.
The area surrounding Cold Harbor Brook along Crawford Street from Church Street south to West Main Street is owned by the Department of Environmental Management and is maintained as a flood plain. The hayfields are still mown in the northern part of the area. The brook has been dammed in various spots by an industrious population of beaver, creating a swampy areas throughout the flood plain.
After flowing behind a residential neighborhood and under Lincoln Street, Cold Harbor Brook skirts the playground of the Lincoln Street School and makes its way to the center of town, passing under Church St.
Cold Harbor Brook then flows into Wallace Pond before ducking under Hudson Street and into the Assabet.