Low Impact Development (LID) Techniques - The Discovery Museums in Acton

An outdoor LID demonstration exhibit was installed at The Discovery Museums in Acton, an ideal location for homeowners, contractors, and municipal staff to see LID in action.


The demonstration exhibit located outside the science building contains:

Roof drainage connected to rain barrels which capture rainwater and store it for use in watering adjacent gardens, planters and grasspave.

A rain garden, which is a slightly depressed garden with native species of plants that captures runoff from surrounding areas. It holds water and allows it to seep slowly into the ground.

Grasspave, bordering the raingarden, which has a structure that provides load-bearing strength while protecting grass root systems from compaction. It also allows rainfall from storms to slowly sink into the ground instead of running off into storm drains and streams.

Pervious stone paving (Uni Eco-Stone), which has funnel-shaped openings that are filled with coarse gravel. This allows stormwater to percolate slowly into the ground rather than run off into storm drains and streams.

Gravelpave, used in the picnic area, which is a paving system designed to support heavy loads while letting water pass through it. The system uses a grid of open cups to contain and hold gravel in place.

Method used: Roof drainage collected by rainbarrels and directed to raingarden; LID permeable paving systems used for grass, gravel and paved areas.

Sub-watershed: Fort Pond Brook

Recharge estimate: negligible

Intel grant: $56,570 for design and construction

Location: 177 Main Street, Acton, MA 01720 www.discoverymuseums.org

Contact: Denise LeBlanc, Education Director Tel: 978-264-4200

This was a joint project of Acton Citizens for Environmental Safety (ACES) and The Discovery Museums. Design and construction was funded by Intel Assabet Recharge Fund and carried out by GeoSyntec Consultants Inc., Acton, MA.

“Water is a precious resource, but we take it for granted in New England. Projects like these show that everybody can have a positive impact.”
Robert Golledge, Commissioner,
Mass. Department of Environmental Protection
Keynote Address, LID Demonstration
Opening Ceremony
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