Nashoba Brook Watershed Project

OARS has completed a Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) funded by the Quail Ridge Country Club to help promote streamflow and stormwater management in the Nashoba Brook watershed. The goal of this funding was threefold:

1) Streamflow and water quality monitoring: The SEP has allowed OARS to continue its streamflow and water quality monitoring of tributary streams in the Nashoba Brook watershed and to purchase two water level loggers in order to enable the continuous collection of data at certain sites.

2) Mapping recharge areas and habitat continuity barriers: OARS sub-contracted groundwater modeling by Geosyntec to evaluate the impacts of LID techniques on streamflow and stormwater quality improvements in developable parcels in Westford, Littleton, Acton, and Carlisle that fall within the Nashoba Brook watershed. This modeling was shared with the towns to help inform their decisions on stormwater management. Click to view presentations of the modeling results. OARS also mapped areas where there are potential barriers to river continuity within the Nashoba Brook watershed in a project supported by the Massachusetts Environmental Trust.

3) Priority actions and outreach: OARS has met with municipal officials to discuss stormwater management in Acton, Littleton, and Westford (the three towns with the most area in the watershed) and commented on proposed development projects and regulatory changes in these towns. OARS also held a practical LID Landscaping workshop for homeowners in 2010.

Below are links to information on stormwater management which OARS has compiled on Acton, Littleton, and Westford:

Case Studies

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