Stream Signs in the Assabet Watershed

Signs installed in Stow

OARS, in collaboration with towns in the watershed, installed stream identification signs at over 40 sites. This project aimed to increase awareness of the river and its smaller, less known tributary streams. Currently installed are signs in Westborough, Northborough, Marlborough, Berlin, Hudson, Stow, Maynard, and Westford.

The small streams of the watershed are oases of natural habitat and corridors for animals to move between the remaining open spaces in an increasingly suburban environment. They are also the habitat for the few remaining native brook trout in the watershed and are critically in need of recognition and protection.

OARS' sign project was inspired and aided by the Acton Stream Team's 2004 "Acton Stream Awareness Project." The Acton Stream Team, in collaboration with the Town of Acton, installed 26 stream signs at selected locations where local roads cross Acton streams. The Acton signs, designed by Mary Michelman, include the stream name and the stewardship message: "Protect Our Water." The Acton Stream Team is excited to have OARS and other watershed groups use their sign design to raise stream awareness in other towns.