Fish Stocking

fish stocking.jpg

Every spring, Andy Bonzagni of Concord Outfitters and local anglers release brown trout into the West Concord section of the Assabet River. Concord Outfitters have been keeping tabs on the trout through an online creel survey allowing anglers fishing in this “strictly catch-and-release fishery” to post what they catch, according to Bonzagni.

The aim of this project is to re-establish a self-sustaining population of brown trout in the river. Brown trout have historically been found in the mainstem Assabet and are a good choice for restoration because they can tolerate higher water temperatures -- typical of a larger river -- than native brook trout can. Read more about brown trout).

Concord Outfitters and their customers have raised significant funds to support the stocking project. OARS collaborates with Concord Outfitters and the Greater Boston Chapter of Trout Unlimited to improve trout habitat and populations. See our work on trout stream restoration.