12th Annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Two weeks before our almost sold out 12th Annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival was set to take place, COVID-19 forced us to cancel our event at the Maynard Fine Arts Theatre Place. Thanks to supportive sponsors (see below), our understanding ticket holders, and Dave Griffin who helped us overcome our video making challenges, OARS was delighted to bring it virtually in August.

We would have loved to have seen you in-person, but our favorite emcee, EJ Labb adapted wonderfully to the video format and, along with the online chat, it almost felt like we were a community together once again. The fabulous film making and wonderful storytelling reminded us that enjoying the outdoors and making a difference can help us feel good even during difficult times. They inspired a positive feeling for the future!

The "Live Virtual" event followed by 5 days "on-demand " allowed many more people to enjoy our line-up of films! Estimates are the 675-900 film watchers tuned-in! Fourteen films ranging from 1 to 27 minutes were shown. A few are highlighted below. To see the complete list download the evening program.

Daniel: A Cyclist with TBI Making a Difference Honorable Mention
Every day (and, we mean every day) you can see Daniel riding his bike along Highway 50. And, while he's out there, he's picking up trash and doing his part to make the Lake Tahoe area better for everyone.
Giants details the efforts and challenges that Portland's Eastmoreland neighbors confronted in their attempts to save three giant sequoias. The film brings a fresh look into local activism and highlights the importance of community organizing.
From Camel to Cup
In Kenya, extreme weather has pushed pastoralists to bank on camels and their milk as a drought-safe investment. Camels are highly adapted to climate change, while their milk has been dubbed "white gold" by food experts who say it could help conquer malnutrition.
Raccoon and the Light
A raccoon finds a flashlight in the woods.

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