14th Annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Our 14th Annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival was held at the newly opened Maynard Fine Arts Theatre on the evening of Wednesday, June 15. It was wonderful to share the evening with so many movie-goers after 3 years!

We also offered the same lineup of films for 5 days on demand for those who wished to watch from the comfort of their home.

Thank you to everyone who joined us this year!

Thank you to the new owners of the Maynard Fine Arts Theatre place, Les Gordon and Dafna Krouk-Gordon and to Mark Grundstrum, Max Naylor and Zachary St. John for making the evening possible. We also wish to thank our sponsors (below) for their support. And a huge thank you to our favorite emcee EJ Labb for entertaining us both in person and virtually. And to Jeff Collins for his countless hours spent selecting the films you enjoyed and Debbie Listernick for her help organizing the evening.

Check out our selection of 2022 award-winning films from the nation's largest environmental film festival by downloading OARS W&SFF Program
Here's a glimpse of the evening:

The Magical Forest and the Things. Award Winner: 2022 Best Kids Film
As a Covid lockdown project, 6 year old Calliope narrates a story animated by artist Dave Russo depicting a critical yet child-like observation of human consumption habits and the social reinforcements that influence it (in her words, of course).
Ghost Ponds. Award Winner: 2022 Best Student Filmmaker A grassroots movement seeks to reverse biodiversity loss by recovering a lost feature of the landscape... ghost ponds.
After losing her mother to poachers, an unruly elephant named Shaba is rescued to the mountains of northern Kenya to be rehabilitated back to the wild. The women keepers of Reteti Sanctuary have a maternal solution to soften Shaba's heart.
The Interconnectedness of All Living Things
Artist Georgia Hodges paints a mural paying homage to life on earth and to H.R. 109, the Green New Deal Resolution.

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