Water Quality Monitoring

Citizen Science helps make OARS strong!

OARS depends on volunteers to monitor the water quality in our rivers--that could be you! We directly use the results in restoring the health of our rivers. Training sessions for 2018 are listed below; if you'd like to get involved contact sflint @ oars3rivers.org.

We sample on Sunday mornings (dates for 2018 below). Sampling generally starts at 5:30 am and takes about three hours. You can sign up to help on all six Sundays or as few as three. Teams of 3 volunteers each sample one section of the rivers (4 - 6 sites):

  • Assabet River, Westborough to Marlborough
  • Assabet River, Berlin to Hudson
  • Assabet River, Acton to Concord
  • Sudbury River, Framingham to Concord
  • Concord River, Concord to Lowell

Training Sessions for 2018:
Tuesday, May 8th, 7:00pm in Hudson
Thursday, May 10th 7:00pm in Wayland
Saturday, May 12th 8:30am in Acton

Sampling dates for 2018:
Sunday, May 20th (start 5:30am)
Sunday, June 17th (start 5:30am)
Sunday, July 22nd (start 5:30am)
Sunday, August 19th (start 5:30am)
Sunday, September 23rd (start 6:00am)
Sunday, November 11th (start 8:00am)