Water Quality Reports

OARS monitors water quality, aquatic plant biomass, and streamflow to assess the health of our rivers. The information collected provides the foundation for our science-based advocacy. Reports are below; contact OARS for full water quality data.

The Water Quality and Biomass Report for 2017 is now available!

2017 Report3.44 MB
2016 Report2 MB
2015 Report2.74 MB
2014 Report2.5 MB
2012-2013 Report3.16 MB
2011 Report1.77 MB
2009-2010 Report1.82 MB
2007-2008 Report1.46 MB
2006 Report818.12 KB
2005 Report870.62 KB
2005 Biomas Report83.17 KB
2005 Biomass Appendix1.82 MB
2004 Report1.04 MB
2003 Report1.39 MB
2002 Report1.29 MB
2001 Report1.28 MB
2000 Report523.76 KB
1999 Report560.33 KB
1992 Report112.76 KB