Improving Stream Crossings: Flood Resilient, Fish Friendly

Workshop: Tuesday, October 29th
Time: 8:30 am - 3 pm
Location: Marlborough

This workshop will focus on making stream crossings safer and more resilient in the face of future storms.

Many crossings fail, in some cases repeatedly, due to their inablility to pass high flows and the material stirred up by the river at flood stage. Crossings designed with rivers in mind - and meeting the Massachusetts Stream Crossing Standards - can safely pass huge volumes of water, sediment, and debris stirred up by high flows, and maintain safe passage for emergency personnel and residents. Properly designed crossings also allow fish and other wildlife to safely pass under roads which helps them survive droughts, avoid road kill, reproduce, and thrive. Successful stream crossing design restores river and stream continuity which is an essential part of adapting to climate change.
Learn more about river continuity.

Who should attend: Municipal highway, planning and DPW staff, municipal officals, conservation commissioners, engineering consultants, regional planning staff, state agency staff, environmental organization staff and volunteers.

Workshop Brochure

Information and registration: Bay State Roads website

Additional workshops: October 10th, Taunton; October 17th, Wakefield