Assabet River Recreation Map ONLINE: Look for our new map in local libraries, town offices, outdoor stores, and now here: *NEW* Assabet River Recreation Map. Waterproof maps available through OARS membership.

Water Wise Workshops Are Back!


Water Wisdom One Drop at a Time
Protecting water resources for people and the wildlife that depend on them will require the efforts of multiple generations.

Since 2004, OARS has offered a series of six Water Wise Workshops on principles of ecology and sustainability for children ages 6 -10. Through demonstrations, hands-on activities, lively group discussions, and personal interactions with plants and wildlife, the participants are encouraged to look closer at their own relationships with the environment and build on their knowledge of the natural world. They provide a fun way for kids to learn about rivers, lakes and ponds, the plants and animals that are a part of their ecosystem, and what they can do to protect them.

Water Wise Workshop 2015 Schedule and Details.

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